Homestead Chimney Sweep is located in Sylva, NC. Service area includes Jackson, Swain, and Macon Counties. Consideration is given to folks in the Western most part of the state as well, on a case by case basis.

Spring and Summer are great times to have your chimney inspected, install your new wood stove,  or take care of any repairs you might need!

About Us

Homestead Chimney Sweep is located in the mountains of Western NC.  My name is René Uhalde and  I am the President, Lead Technician, Installer, Helper, Book keeper and Secretary.

It is my goal to exceed your expectiations.  This is possible because I take pride in my work and want you to be happy.  The only thing more important to me than your satisfaction is your safety.

 In this industry your safety depends on my understanding of codes and standards, and the ability and willingness to follow manufacturers instructions.

Education is key in the chimney, venting and hearth industry.  While it is not a requirement to have certifications, or be involved in trade organizations, I have made it a priority for my company.  I hold the following certification(s) and am an active member of the following organizations:

Certified Chimney Sweep https://www.csia.org

National Chimney Sweep Guild http://www.ncsg.org

North Carolina Chimney Sweep Association https://www.ncchimneysweeps.com

Masonry Heater Association https://www.mha-net.org

Services Offered


Chimney inspections are performed per NFPA 211 standards.  

NFPA recommends you have your chimney inspected annually and cleaned as necessary.  Level I.

If you are buying a new home, selling a home, changing appliance or fuel source, or simply don't know the condition of your system, then a Level II inspection is in order.  

Follow the link below to read more about the scope of chimney inspections.



A thorough inspection will determine if your chimney is serviceable.  If your fireplace, chimney or appliance does not meet current codes and standards, you will receive an inspection report detailing the issues found.  The chimney will not be swept, except for inspection purposes.  

This is what you can expect with a typical inspewction/sweep:

  • A neat work area set up in front of your fireplace/appliance with tools and equipment laid out on clean drop cloths (please, if possible clear work area prior to appointment).
  • HEPA filtered chimney specific vacuum.
  • If possible, chimney will be swept from inside the house with the latest and greatest tools available.
  • Pictures will be taken throughout the process.
  • You should expect no dust and no mess.
  • Upon completion we will discuss the sweep/inspection using pictures to help explain any issues that were discovered, and suggested remedies or repairs.
  • You will receive an inspection report/receipt via email.  

Relining Chimneys

Unfortunately there are very few chimneys out there that meet current codes and standards.  My goal is to change that.  Whether it was a construction deficiency (attic framing in contact with the chimney, undersized or oversized flue...), deterioration over time, a sudden occurence (chimney fire, tree fell on chimney, earthquake...), or maybe you'd like to install an insert, an insulated stainless steel liner may be your answer.  

I use only the best materials and acquire them from my distributors.  I am not able to install chimney liner parts that you have purchased on your own.

Below is a link to more information on chimney liners.


Class A Chimney Systems

Class A chimneys, in my opinion, are the best option for venting your free standing wood stove or Masonry Heater, and can be used in other applications as well.  If at all possible it is best to run these straight up through the roof with no bends, but offsets can be negotiated, and going out through a wall is an option.

I use only the best materials and acquire them from my distributors.  I am not able to install chimney parts that you have purchased on your own.

Stove Sales And Installation

I offer sales and installation of the following wood burning product lines:


If you are looking for the healthiest way to heat your home, using time tested green technology, then a Tulikivi Masonry Heater may be for you.  Imagine one 2-3 hour fire that can heat your home for the next 24 hrs.  A Tulikivi can do just that, and also be the focal point of your home for generations.  Follow the links to the Tulikivi website as well as the Masonry Heater Association of North America for more information.

Custom Chimney Caps

Chimney caps are designed and constructed to fit your chimney and your aesthetic preferences.  Caps can be constructed from Stainless Steel or copper, and/or can be painted a color of your choice.

In most cases I can have your chimney measured, the cap manufactured, and installed in just a couple weeks.


How can I earn your business?

Please email to set up an appointment or discuss your project.  Leave your contact information, description of your fireplace/wood stove/chimney system, and what service(s) you are interested in, and please provide your address!  

 "Winter is Coming..." René Uhalde, President

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